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Advertising Balloons create business! They place you above the competition! Producing amazing value for your advertising pound. Advertising Balloons and Advertising Blimps create sales!

A great many of your new customers will be from people having the "fun of the chase" an average sized vessel can be seen from a distance of 7 miles!

Floating your advertising vessel at a height of 200 feet you do not require permission from the civil aviation authority

You do not require planning permission either!

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Creating an Aerial Advert

We will draw on years of actual experience of Aerial Advertising in order to best benefit our customers. We will offer expert advice on whether an Advertising Balloon is the most suitable for your Aerial advertising campaign or if you would benefit more by having one of our Advertising Blimps. At promotionpiggy we don't just offer Advertising Balloons or Aerial Blimps at the lowest prices. Our customers get all the help they need and more! Our experienced and qualified staff will help you determine your exact intention and consult on any more effective solutions and economical, cost-effective ways to promote your business or event successfully.

We can create any shape of Advertising Balloon, even bespoke, square and rectangular at the cheapest UK prices.
Based in Norfolk, we have been supplying satisfied customers with Advertising Balloons all over United Kingdom and the world at the lowest prices for many years.


What is an advertising Blimp?

An Advertising Blimp is cigar-shaped inflatable balloon, like an Airship and handles wind conditions well as it is aerodynamic and always moves to face to wind to prevent drag.

Wind Turbine Demonstrations

Need to indicate the exact height of a proposed Wind Turbine in your local area? We can help! Many "Wind Turbine Action Groups" use our specialist Blimp production services to mark or indicate Turbine rotor height. Simply use an Advertising Balloon or Blimp to mark the height of a proposed Wind Turbine, this will draw the attention of unconcerned locals and bring them on side.
Getting one of our Advertising Balloons or Aerial Blimps to float at the rotor tip height of the proposed Wind Turbine (normally between 125 and 145 metres high) will “bring it home” to local residents just how intrusive the Turbine will be. Promotionpiggy can provide you with the Advertising Balloon and everything you need to indicate the height of a Wind Turbine or any tall proposed structure due for construction (though an Advertising Blimp may be more suitable!).

Using an Aerial Blimp in the sky, as these chosen sites are normally windy at the best of times. Ground level wind speed may not indicate the strength of wind at say 125 meters. This is where 'a Blimp comes into its own'. Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approval will be necessary to float an Advertising Balloon at those heights. Promotion Piggy the Aerial Advertising specialists can get you your UK permission approval within approx 21 days of the application. This is normally a FREE service. Once you have received your permission, you can elevate the Blimp or Advertising Balloon to the rotor tip height. Some Wind Turbine action groups mark the Turbine Hub height too. This can be with a separate smaller Advertising Balloon or even a flag attached to the main vessel control line.We have helped many local UK action groups to indicate these heights recently, with a helium filled Blimp or Balloon. We recommend a minimum size of Blimp being 5 meters long, this is not just for the Blimp being visible at a greater distance, but for stability as a 5 meter has much for lift. The whole point of the exercise, is to indicate the exact height of the proposed Wind Turbine. Many action groups fail to get "the message across with the Blimp" due to not using one with enough capacity of balloon gas. A 4 meter long blimp has a balloon gas capacity of approx 4.2 m3 where as a 5 meter blimp capacity is 7.2 m3. The Blimp or Advertising Balloon only floats by the amount of air it displaces with a given helium capacity. On these Wind Turbine sites, wind is always stronger than other areas, consequently the Advertising Balloon or Blimp is forced through a radius against its own ground anchor point and will not give a fair indication of the extreme height required. A Bigger Blimp or Balloon keeps a much greater pull on the control line and therefore keeps much more vertical against the wind in the radius, thus indicating a much more accurate height.

We are always impressed with the huge amount of locals that come to the site on the day of elevating the Blimp. Most are shaken by how affected they will be by the proposed Turbine height once it is indicated for real! Many Wind Turbine action groups seem to struggle to get backing and support from some residents in fringe areas. This is due to many people thinking they will hardly be able to see the Wind Turbine from their home. Then once the height is indicated by a prominent and noticeable Blimp or Balloon, they turn up "aghast" at how intrusive it will actually be to them. It is normally residents from as far as a few miles away, turning up on the day and saying, "we can't allow this Turbine to be erected here!”, "We had no idea we would be able to see it so easily". They suddenly realize because the Blimp has indicated that the wind turbine will be obtrusively apparent in their own garden and would even be seen from their dining room table.

We have elevated many Advertising Balloons and Aerial Blimps for Wind Turbine protest groups now and have the experience and expertise to help you. Our Blimps and Balloons are not as expensive as you may imagine. An Advertising Balloon or Blimp will be the best money an action group will spend, far above any other example of signage.


What is an Advertising Balloon

Advertising Balloons are readily available from Promotion Piggy.
Advertising Balloon sizes: From 1 meter diameter: available in all colours.
Advertising Balloon size: balloon gas capacity of a 2 meter or 6ft 6 inch cap 2m3.
Advertising Balloon size: 3 meter or 9ft 9 inch.
Advertising Balloon size: 4 meter or 13 ft.
Advertising Balloon size: 5 meter or 16 ft 3 inch.
Any sizes and various shapes of Advertising Balloons are available from Promotion Piggy, we are based in East Anglia and supply to the whole of the UK; England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
The Promotion Piggy. Advertising Balloon are made to your exact design and colour choice, printed logs and promotional artwork can be printed on any surface. We call a regular shape Advertising Balloon a sphere. Inflatable Advertising Spheres are perfectly round in shape, unlike an Advertising Balloon which is a progressive Balloon shape.

An Advertising Blimp will always fly better than an Advertising Balloon, due to its aerodynamic shape.
A Blimp will turn into the wind and slightly lower on its anchor, but an Advertising Balloon will buffet more. Having said this your Advertising Balloon will be ok 90% of the time. More cost effective compared to Aeroplane Advertising, Flying Billboards. Marketing Aerial Billboards, Letter Banners, Logo Boards. Perfect advertising solution for Major Markets,Beaches, Sporting Events, Rush Hour, Roadshows, Concerts, Carboot sale or publicity events.


Aerial Billboard Promotional Adverts

Are you looking for a way to cut through all the clutter and set your business apart from others? Are you tired of paying through the roof for overpriced, underachieving radio and television commercials? You've wondered if there is a better, more cost effective way of reaching a wide audience. There is: Aerial Advertising using custom Aerial Billboards. Custom Aerial Billboards are made by our banner towing aeroplanes. A custom Aerial Billboards can be flown over beaches, festivals, sporting events and other public events. Promotion Piggy will be with you through every step of the way with your custom designed aeroplane advertising campaign. We can assist you with the design of the banners or the selection of logos.

Aerial Advertising Design and Manufacturing

Promotion Piggy can help you create custom designs for your banner. We can take your company logo and your artwork and use them to design a colourful Advertising Blimp or Balloon We manage large orders and various national aerial advertising campaigns as well as providing excellent service to smaller markets.

Does Aerial Advertising Work?!

It is surprisingly successful. Viewers will retain the message in your custom Aerial Billboards with a greater degree of detail than any other kind of advertising. A recent survey shows that 88% of respondents remembered seeing aeroplane banners 30 minutes after they had passed. Moreover, 79% remembered the product or service that was advertised, and a remarkable 67% remembered at least half of the content of the ad.

When you design bright, colourful billboards to let the world know about your business. When they look up, your potential customers will see beautiful, custom Aeroplane Banners bearing your company logo and custom designed artwork.


Aerial Advertising Cost-Effective Benefits

Most businesses clearly understand the importance of advertising to the financial health of their business operation. Accordingly, most businesses devote a portion of their annual budget to advertising. There are various advertising methods available. In an effort to get the most from their advertising many companies attempt to bring in business through high-cost television and radio, however these methods prove to be exhaustive, disappointing and unsuccessful.

There is a novel method of advertising that is quick, popular, proven and effective technique for reaching audiences. This method is Aerial Advertising. With this method, a large banner is printed with an advertising message, as it is flown over an open gathering such as a festival, parade, concert, sporting event or even over a beach. They glance up toward the sky and see the visible advertising message that is being delivered.

While this may sound as though it would be expensive, Aerial Advertising will save you money and is really more cost effective than traditional means of advertising, including Internet CPC and radio advertising. In fact, many businesses are surprised to learn that they can reach the same number of people with Aerial Advertising.

Companies who are looking for the most cost effective solution for successfully advertising their business choose Aerial Advertising as a way of getting out a message to large amounts of people. Whether it is a grand opening, roadshow, product launch, a sale or a special event; businesses can effectively get the word out about their big promotion.


Sporting Event Advertising

Sporting Events and Aerial Advertising are an excellent combination. There are many different venues which can be considered for Aerial Advertising. Sporting Events are some of the best because they are always certain to draw a large crowd. As a result, Aerial Advertising at sporting events provide an alternative to traditional forms of advertising. In one given day, the attendance for such an event can be well over 10000. At larger events, daily attendance can swell to 154000 people.

Promotion for Football games

Football league games are another advertising venue that use aerial adverts to promote their events. The average attendance of any given major League Football game is around 35,000. In addition, there are also national games that can be considered as well as the league games as well as at major League Rugby events.

Promote Horse Racing or Equestrian Events

Horse Racing events are yet another option to consider. Each year large and quite diverse crowds gather at horse racing events held throughout the country. At events such as the Derby, attendance can reach nearly 140,000. These events are the perfect venue for utilizing Aerial Advertising as a cost effective technique for getting the word out about your business.

In addition to these venues, there are also many other sporting events which can be used for Aerial Advertising, including local sporting events which typically draw large numbers of potential consumers from your local area. Regardless of the size of the event, Aerial Advertising is an excellent method for getting your message noticed.


Why use Aerial Advertising

The sky is the limit when you choose to incorporate Aerial Advertising into your advertising campaign. Advertising out of your home market with Aerial Advertising may be more affordable as well as effective than you might think. What began as single trailing letter banners has now Aerial Advertising displays. These displays allow you to take advantage of a highly targeted advertising range.

Aerial advertising is used by practically every type of business including media, entertainment, amusements, retail and much more. Aerial Advertising is a highly effective marketing tool that always gets noticed.

Aerial advertising is an effective method to reach new customers throughout Essex and all of East Anglia with


Starting an Advertising Campaign

We can help you to determine just the right time and days for your beach Aerial Advertising campaign. We know the markets very well. We know the dates of the local festivals and other celebrations, and we can help you reach the maximum number of customers for your advertising pounds. We will work with you on your Aerial Advertising Campaign as well. We will use your company logo and artwork to create a custom made flying blimp just for you. We can simultaneously present your aerial beach advertising campaign from coast to coast, or we can concentrate on a local market. It's up to you. Promotion Piggy make sure your beach Aerial Advertising Campaign will be and effective.

Surveys have shown that Aerial Advertising is more effective and less costly than any other form of advertising. It can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds to run a television commercial once, and that doesn't include the production costs. After all that time, effort and money.

With Beach Aerial Advertising you can be sure your message will be seen, noticed and remembered by your audience. There is nothing like a colourful Blimp or Giant Helium Balloon towing a custom made flying billboard to get the attention.

We make your Beach Aerial Advertising campaign fun, exciting and effective. We work with you every step of the way, handling everything from the design and production of your colourful flying blimp or airship to the final touchdown of our Blimp. You can be assured of excellent customer service from start to finish.


Rush Hour Aerial Adverts

Aerial Advertising during rush hour would offer the opportunity to have an audience of thousands of potential customers. Aerial Advertising over rush hour is one of the most cost effective ways to get customers to respond. With Blimp Advertising, you will reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers at a cost of less than £1 per thousand!

Aerial Advertising during rush hour traffic will get attention. Put yourself in the place of these potential customers, driving to the office, stuck in traffic as you crawl along. As you drive, you are overwhelmed by advertising, sales pitches. Now, over the horizon, comes an Aerial Advertising Blimp or long Aerial Advertising Billboard which gets your attention, breaks the daily commute and makes you smile. When people see a Blimp they subconsciously look up. Not only will those thousands of commuters see your message, but they will remember it long after rush hour is over.
The benefits of Aerial Advertising during rush hour traffic is clear: it evokes retention of the message with a positive attitude. Rush hour Aerial Advertising in Norwich, Norfolk, Suffolk, East Anglia and Essex guarantees maximum exposure.

At, our focus is, and always has been, on customer service. We will do whatever it takes to make your Aerial Advertising Campaign a fun and successful one. Our company will be with your from the design of your flying billboards to the final touchdown of our Aerial Advertising Balloon.

We know where the rush hour traffic will be and when it will be there. Our expertise allows us to choose the perfect moments for Aerial Advertising during rush hour.


Aerial Logo Boards

Guide to Using Logo Boards for Aerial Advertising Brand awareness Aerial Advertising is one of the most important ways of building your business and effectively marketing it. The process of building effective brand awareness involves showing your company logo and special offer, sale or grand opening event.

Aerial Advertising Blimps are much larger than traditional letter banners and have your company logo displayed in full colour. This gives you the chance to show photos or custom graphics in your Aerial Advertising. And, while people won't always remember your offer, they will remember your logo, which creates brand awareness.


Cost of Aerial Logo Advertising Blimps

While many business owners might believe that the process of designing and utilizing flying logo billboards would be out of their budget, is that Aerial Advertising is cost effective. In fact, it is one of the most effective ways to advertise services and products. The use of logo boards through Aerial Advertising provides you with the opportunity to advertise your brand to literally hundreds of thousands of prospective customers.

A custom advertising campaign can be designed which will include your business logo and artwork to produce an attention-getting aerial advert with a huge helium filled blimp or giant balloon from

Whether your business is established or you are new to the industry, your company will be able to benefit from aerial logo advertising. Imagine the benefits that could be gained by having your company’s logo flying high above rush hour traffic or a Football game, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of large companies employing Aerial Advertising. Why is this? Advances in technology have allowed high exposure to produce some of the largest high quality aerial displays in the industry and we have the equipment to fly them.

Aerial Banner.....18.3%


Specialist in Aerial Advertising Campaigns

Aerial Advertising scored tremendously high with only 7% of the total budget. largest aerial advertiser. Our fleet can satisfy the needs of any advertiser in Norfolk, Suffolk or Essex.

Reach your customers in a unique way when they are most susceptible to your message - when they are relaxing on the beach. Few advertising tools create as many quality, targeted exposures as Aerial Advertising at the beach. largest aerial advertising firm. Catching everyone's attention. Who can resist looking at those Advertising Blimps flying at around 200 feet high in Essex or all of the UK. special logos?

Aerial Advertising Blimps from are not just a special part of the ambiance. They are the most cost effective means of advertising at an outdoor resort. promotion piggy Air Service is outdoor advertising at it's most effective.

No one will miss your Aerial Advertising!! The beach goers are a captive audience for your banner! adds value for the client with high-powered outdoor advertising at promotionpiggy in exposure with greater recall and retention of a brand identity for less than the cost of a full page advertisement.

Advertising Blimps - tethered Advertising Blimps are eye-catching, easy-to-use, easy-to-inflate, and easy-to-store and use again. Their bright colours and their recognizable shape immediately draw attention. Whether used indoors, outdoors, at events or trade shows, attraction to things which are lighter than air. Just add helium and then let the Blimp do all the work and bring more traffic to your business. Advertising Blimps are a very cost-effective means of reaching thousands of potential customers. A wide range of blimp and tail colours, so that you can create an Advertising Blimp with true impact. You can also add a rip-stop nylon skin or light up your Blimp with halogen light kits.

Our Blimps versus your Blimp or giant helium balloon for Aerial Advertising and promotions, champions Norfolk based a quality Blimp? First of all, it depends on the type of material used. We use 4 mil thick polyurethane which has excellent qualities and helium retention. The other commonly used material for Advertising Blimps is PVC, which is thicker than polyurethane but does not have the helium retention ability that polyurethane has. The cost of helium is going up and purchase a PVC Blimp. The PVC Blimp will cost more due to its inability to retain helium.


Blimp Aftercare

We are able to over-inflate one of our Blimps to almost 4 times its size before we caused a minor rupture. That wasn't even a full blowout on a 12 foot Blimp. In other words, we don't worry about you busting our Blimp wide open by over-inflating it. But holes and tears do happen, so if the Blimp contacts sharp objects. You can also add a nylon skin to make your Blimp more UV resistant and durable.

Blimp Advertising Works

The following is an excerpt from a study conducted by Universal Technology Marketing Services Inc of Allentown, Pennsylvania. The study reinforced the power of using Advertising Blimps as an incredibly effective marketing medium.

To verify claims made by owners and franchisees of 7-11 Convenience Stores, the parent company, Southland Corporation, retained Universal Technology Marketing Services Inc. of Allentown, Pennsylvania. UTMS was specifically requested to perform a marketing study on the effectiveness and retentive factors of the computer designed, wind tunnel tested model KB-15 Advertising Blimp.

The study was conducted on Thursday, January 27th on the premises of a 7-11 Convenience Store in Oakhurst, New Jersey, Ray Roussell, Manager/Proprietor. The specific date was selected as no national or regional advertising was in effect. The results of that study were as follows: • 54.5% of consumers within a two mile radius saw the "Pie In The Sky" Advertising Blimp flying over the 7-11 location. • 72.7% of those surveyed correctly answered the question involving advertising copy that appeared on the side of the blimp. • 47% of the respondents surveyed were going to mention the presence of the Blimp to another individual, thereby increasing the potentiality of more customers being drawn to the store as a result of the advertising medium. • Customer counts on Thursdays at this specific 7-11 location normally average 796. Customer counts on the date the Blimp was flying were 821.

We at Promotion Piggy believe that you have the same opportunity to conduct advertising research at your business by purchasing a blimp and tracking this type of increased traffic.

Think about the last time you were driving along and saw a manned Blimp, a remote control unmanned Blimp, or an advertising Blimp high above building height. You probably weren't even sure which type of Blimp you saw, but you knew it was a Blimp and you noticed it. In the height of the real estate boom, our advertising Blimps were sprinkled all over the country with the myriad of home builder logos on them drawing potential home buyers to their locations. The housing market and that landscape has changed, but what hasn't changed is the need for companies of all sizes to increase exposure, brand identity and boost sales. From home builders to karate studios, from savings banks to car dealerships, or whatever business or industry you are in, an Advertising Blimp can serve a valuable role.

Blimp Advertising means your business will get noticed. But sometimes it's not about advertising. We have all sorts of customers worldwide that create their Blimps for entertainment. We've created blimps for rock bands, surfers, hobbyists, family picnics, 4th of July events, and other affinity groups just so those people could have fun and exude pride and support. These Blimps range from simple custom designs to the extreme -- lights, strobes, and remote control models that drop ping pong balls and shoot silly string.

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